Bill and Elizabeth Fouts
Justin Texas


The average weight loss across the U.S. has been 13 pounds, and 10 inches. Why just be average?
Advocare's 24 Day Challenge is a safe proven method to losing weight and being healthier. Notice I did not say the newest diet fad. Most diets set you up to fail. This is not a diet, it is great nutrition. When your body has everything it needs you lose the cravings for all the extras. Advocare voluntarily pays for their products to be tested for banned substances with Informed Choice. That is why it is safe for NFL football players like Drew Brees can take our products with no fear.
We can adjust the 24 day challenge to your needs. The better part is you will have us to talk to any time or any day to make sure you are eating right and the products are being used right, unlike when you buy something from a store and are on your own.